Παρασκευή, 22 Απριλίου 2016

Gizmag Emerging Technology

There's something to be said for the physical buttons and ergonomic design of cameras, that a phone just can't match. As a result, we've seen several docking devices that essentially turn smartphones into cameras. The Pictar is the latest, offering some handy features.​ Read more

The latest in Apple's increasingly confusing iPad lineup is the iPad Pro 9.7: a smaller version of the huge tablet it launched late last year, which itself was a bigger version of its previous 9.7-inch tablets. Got it? Read more
With the launch of the Hiody on Kickstarter we now have a smart sweatshirt with headphones in the hood and a control button just above the pockets. But just how well does the high-tech hoodie work? Gizmag got its hands on one to find out. Read more
Software developer and freelance maker Liam Lacey has transformed a vintage acoustic toy piano into a two-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer. What would Charlie Brown's Beethoven-obsessed friend Schroeder make of it?Read more
Smartphones and tablets have had a huge impact on our daily lives, but their influence isn't always positive, impacting the time that kids spend playing with real world toys. A new platform called Yibu is aiming to readdress that balance, mixing physical toys with a virtual world. Read more
"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit" wrote J.R.R. Tolkien, and generations of readers were hooked. Read on as we take a journey to the Shire and highlight the very best hobbit hole-style homes we've seen so far. Read more
Researchers at the Imperial College of London have for the first time mapped the effects of LSD’s effects on the brain using fMRI and other scans, showing the remarkable neurological activity produced by the powerful psychoactive during a "trip," indicating users "see" with their eyes closed. Read more
They may look innocuous, but jellyfish can pack a serious sting. There has long been a debate whether it's best to treat jellyfish stings with heat or cold, and now a team from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa claims to have reached a definitive answer. Read more
After promising a Tesla Fighter in 2015, LeEco, the Chinese tech company formerly known as Letv, has made the first highly visible step toward that goal, revealing a sporty, in-house-developed electric sedan concept at a big Beijing product reveal . Read more
By designing nanowires with a special protective coating, researchers have created an electrode that withstands hundreds of thousands of cycles, serving as a proof of concept for longer-lasting batteries to power everything from smartphones to spacecraft. Read more
In the latest iteration of the HYT's hydrological horology, the H1 Ghost has a sub-dial for counting off minutes and another for seconds, but the hour hand has been replaced by a retrograde complication that displays the hour via a liquid-filled tube. Read more
Researchers at Mississippi State University have taken a regular Subaru BRZ, ripped out the boxer engine and replaced it with a lightweight hybrid system to create what they call "the car of the future." Read more
Scientists from MIT have created a thin-film nanomaterial version of coal that may challenge graphene and silicon. Easy to process, and cheap to make, it makes use of a material that is usually simply burned for its heating value. Read more
An aerial survey recently revealed that Australia's Great Barrier Reef had been hit with the worst coral bleaching event in its history. The researchers have now continued their work along this stretch of coastline and the news isn't getting any better. Read more
Philadelphia-based Likuma Labs has unveiled a new product that addresses the frustrations experienced with many window air conditioners. Noria is designed to be smaller, lighter, and quieter, while offering full-room circulation and smart connectivity. Read more
Peugeot's next-generation i-Cockpit debuts not behind the glass of a radical concept car, but standing on its own, a sculpture of near-future interior design. The new interior builds upon the design and technologies of the original i-Cockpit.Read more
​Many aerial drones now feature a Follow Me mode – that's where they can be instructed to autonomously fly along above you and shoot video as you ski, cycle, run or otherwise move about. However, what happens if you're a scuba diver? Well, in the near future, you might buy an iBubble. Read more
Hot on the heels of the commercial success that was the Tracer 900 last year, Yamaha Motor Europe is replicating the same tactic in a smaller capacity class. Based on the popular twin-cylinder MT-07, the new Adventure Sports Tourer enters a fiercely-contested market segment. Read more
The Livi planter lets users position their plants on both verticle and horizontal surfaces, while giving the greenery a little more character. The project is currently seeking crowdfunding backers via Kickstarter. Read more
In celebration of its centenary year, BMW has unveiled a special edition of the 7 Series. The "7 Series – The Next 100 Years" has been designed by the carmaker's customization arm BMW Individual and only 100 will be produced.Read more
The makers of the MI guitar say that the instrument will have you strumming along to your favorite songs in minutes. The body features guitar-like strings, but the neck is made up of rows of buttons, with chords sounding with a single button press. Read more
Some say our tech-heavy world makes life more convenient. Others say it makes us lazy. We'll leave it to you to decide what you think about Sweden's new pilot program that lets you purchase groceries online and then have someone enter your home and put them in your refrigerator.Read more
Having launched police versions of its Taurus and Explorer, Ford has taken America's best selling truck and given it the black and white treatment, too. Read more
The new Mesa 2 ultra-rugged tablet from Juniper Systems is unique in that it's the IP68-rated slate running Windows 10.Read more
Every device connected to the Internet is using a ‘DNS’—even your device, right now. By using StreamJack’s DNS, your IP address will be routed through their custom global DNS network. As a result, you’ll shield your IP from prying eyes, and even unblock geo-restricted content.Read more