Τετάρτη, 20 Απριλίου 2016

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The world's largest commercial aircraft engine has been started for the first time at GE Aviation's Peebles Test Operation in Ohio. According to GE, ground testing of the GE9X development engine will enable data to be gathered on the engine, which is due to enter service at the end the decade. Read more

Broadcast professionals recording UHD content need high capacity storage with fast data transfer speeds. Combining Thunderbolt 3 and the latest PCIe SSD technologies results in face-melting data throughput speeds – meet the new solid state drives from Sonnet and Akitio. Read more
There's a definite sweet spot between too big and too small when designing a tiny house. Austin, Texas-based artist and architect Ann Armstrong recently designed and built her own towable tiny house that gets the balance right and looks a genuinely appealing place to live.Read more
With all the furore about drones today, it's easy to forget that blimps once ruled the skies over sporting events. But one company believes that big airships still have plenty to offer in this area, so has developed an aerial platform that carries broadcast gear. Read more
Physicists have produced a prototype metamaterial device that could be used in super-efficient "thermophotovoltaic" cells to generate electricity from infrared energy, even in the dark. Read more
Looking to avert gridlock at altitude, NASA has been working on an air traffic management system for drones, and today is carrying out its first coordinated testing to see just how well it can accomodate flights at different locations across the country. Read more
Italian mini yacht-maker Jet Capsule has drawn up a concept for a saucer-shaped UFO, or Unidentified Floating Object, which offers a completely off-grid existence floating on the ocean. Read more
While we're not conscious of it, when you're looking at someone making a facial expression, there's a whole part of our brains that deals with decoding what you're seeing. Now, researchers have successfully pinpointed the part of the brain that makes those calculations. Read more
Last fall, Utah startup Ravean brought some heated down garments and hoodies onto the scene. Now that the winter is officially over, Ravean is getting ready for summer by applying its 12V heating technology to sleeping bag liners.Read more
Most bicycle frames take the form of multiple tubes that are joined together at the ends. It's a tried and trusted design, but it's difficult to fully automate. In an effort to change that, Bob and Tom Schiller have created the Mokumono bike. Read more
From what we've seen of the HTC 10, this is a phone capable of getting Apple and Samsung looking worriedly over their shoulders, in terms of specs, design and features. Here's everything that makes the HTC 10 such a seriously good flagship, compared with Apple's most recent 4.7-inch iPhone. Read more
The latest addition to the Sportster 1200 family draws its inspiration from 1960s garage-built customs, and is a proud member of the Dark Custom tribe. Trading its chrome for technical updates, the XL 1200CX is a bare-knuckle Roadster with lots of attitude and some extra grunt to support it. Read more
A new partnership between Loughborough University and the Yeh Group aims to kick 3D printed fashion into gear. The idea is to cut the waste of the industry, and arrive at the projects eventual goal - to provide a system for personalized, printed clothing that takes just 24 hours to produce. Read more
​NASA has released a stunning time-lapse video of Earth as seen in 4K quality from the International Space Station. Read more
A newly-opened US$30-million facility has made Detroit Zoo more palatial, but it's not for visitors – it's for the zoo's penguins. The Polk Penguin Conservation Center is designed to be an optimal habitat for penguin welfare, with a controlled climate, activity features and a huge new pool. Read more
The results of an extensive five year study using a new cancer treatment, known as Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) have been published, showing that the method, which requires far fewer hospital visits than conventional radiation therapy, has a cure rate of 98.6 percent. Read more
Mysterious AR startup Magic Leap revealed a new teaser video of its mixed reality experience, using "no special effects or compositing." Will VR soon be upstaged? Read more
There are plenty of racing car games for tablets, but none we've seen so far incorporate an actual toy car that sits on top of the screen. Ptah Tech is a company that has launched a brand-new Kickstarter campaign for a game that will do just that – and the results look surprisingly fun. Read more
New broadcast antennas don't tend to command a lot of attention these days, but LG has unveiled a new smart antenna that could help bring those over-the-air signals into a new era. Read more
Parking lots take up a lot of space in towns and cities – could they be put to better use? That's the thinking behind the ZED Pod: a small solar-powered home raised on stilts that would be installed in parking lots to create small sustainable communities. Read more
Apple's 12-inch MacBook has received a refresh today, giving the company's youngest notebook a processor upgrade and longer running times. There's also one change that's not under the hood, with the machine now available in a rose gold finish. Read more
Following the announcement that driverless taxis may be tested on its roads, Singapore is set to extend its autonomous vehicle credentials further still. The country's public transport operator SMRT has partnered with sustainable mobility firm 2getthere to roll-out driverless pods later this year. Read more
Help your posture, reduce lower back pain, increase your productivity, and boost your energy—all while you work on two feet at the StandDesk. But you won’t be stuck standing all day, the two-button control allows you to easily move the desk back and forth between sitting and standing heights for the best of both worlds. Read more