Παρασκευή, 4 Ιουλίου 2014

Gizmag Emerging Technology

V8 Wet Rod: The luxury yacht of personal watercraft?
If you're a millionaire who wants the ultimate in opulence for your sea voyages, you get yourself a luxury yacht. However, what about those times when you're just playing around? Well, yacht designer Kurt Strand has just announced his forthcoming Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod luxury personal watercraft.

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Spark shaker brings kinetic energy to the developing world
In 15 years as a percussionist with British electronica band Faithless, Sudha Kheterpal has exerted her fair share of energy. She has now teamed up with designers and engineers to develop Spark, a shaker that produces kinetic energy to bring power to the developing world. read more
Rio Firefly handcycle turns any wheelchair into a power scooter
Attaching in less than a minute, the Firefly electric handcycle turns a 4-wheeled manual wheelchair into a 3-wheeled power trike capable of taking you about 24 km (15 miles) at a decent clip of 18km/h (11.2mph) – for less than US$2,000. read more
Polymer-based graphene substitute is easy to mass-produce
Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed a graphene substitute from plastic that offers the benefits of graphene for use in solar cells and semiconductor chips, but is easy to mass-produce. read more
Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary packs extra punch
In honor of the 205 GTi's 30th birthday, Peugeot has given its 208 GTi more power and a new suspension set up in an effort to recreate some of the magic that made its hot hatches famous in the past. read more
Get nostalgic with the R-Kaid-R retro portable video arcade
The humble video game arcade may now be a shadow of what it once was, but Swedish design company Love Hultén is letting gamers take a nostalgic step back in time with its beautiful R-Kaid-R portable arcade system. read more
Review: One week with Android Wear
Every smartwatch we've seen so far has run its own unique software, but none of it has been anything special. Starting this week, though, Google's Android Wear platform is about to make its way into the wild. Join Gizmag, for our initial review of Android Wear.read more
Review: Samsung Gear Live smartwatch
Back when other big companies were just rumored to be planning smartwatches, Samsung actually launched one. Then, six months later, it launched not just one more, but three more. And today? Join Gizmag, as we review Samsung's third-generation Gear watch, the Gear Live. read more
Bamboo inspires new process for making metals tougher
Inspired by the internal structure of bones and bamboo, which both boast impressive strength-to-weight ratios, US researchers have created increased the toughness of various metals by altering the microstructures within them. read more
Dodge claims 707-hp Challenger SRT Hellcat is the "most powerful muscle car ever"
With the Dodge Challenger sometimes overshadowed by the muscle car war between the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang, the all-new 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat hits the highways as Dodge's most powerful muscle car ever. read more
Squid sucker teeth could advance human technology
There seems to be no end to the proposed human technologies based on attributes of the squid. Now, it turns out that the teeth inside the suckers on their tentacles might be the basis for materials that could be used in fields such as reconstructive surgery. read more
Researchers engineer red blood cells to deliver therapeutic payloads
Scientists have developed a method of attaching chemical payloads to red blood cells. It is hoped that once developed further, the technique could be used for things like delivering medication to targeted areas of the body, or removing harmful cholesterol from the bloodstream. read more
Kudoso kids can only get online after the chores are done
Rather than imposing blanket bans or restrictions using a device's built-in parental controls or through a third party app, the Kudoso system allows parents to set goals for their children with unlocked surf time as a reward. read more
Cadillac's ELR gives Tesla a run for its (and plenty of your) money
Gizmag borrowed Cadillac's first extended range electric vehicle based off the Chevrolet Volt for a few days, and found it to be a strange combination of underrated but perhaps still overpriced. read more
Float helps you unwind in water without an isolation tank
Float unsurprisingly helps you to float. The obviously-named product is designed to aid water therapy by keeping the person wearing it upright and floating in a naturally relaxing position. At $135 it's a lot more affordable than even the cheapest isolation tank. read more
Intelligent narrator reads news in multiple languages
Researchers at the Multimedia University in Malaysia have developed an app called the Intelligent Narrator to read out news articles in real-time. Supporting multiple languages, the app can automatically identify an online newspaper's language and read out the news in the same language. read more
Review: The PUC Wireless MIDI interface for iOS, from Zivix
The PUC, by Zivix, promises to allow iOS users to connect their MIDI interfaces to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch wirelessly. Gizmag takes a closer look.read more
Recyclable coffee cup could save billions from ending up in landfill
What if, instead of being carted off to landfill, paper coffee cups could be recycled up to seven times, much like regular cardboard? According a UK-based inventor a small difference in how these cups are produced could significantly reduce the waste generated by today's coffee-crazed society. read more
Building machines from muscle: University of Illinois demonstrates "walking" bio-robot
If you're going to deploy robots in biological settings, it makes a lot of sense to build those robots out of actual body parts. Bio-robotics experts in Illinois have demonstrated a walking bio-bot built from 3-D printed hydrogel and muscle tissue that can "walk" in response to an electrical signal. read more