Τετάρτη, 8 Ιουνίου 2016

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The British Army's Challenger 2 main battle is reaching middle age and the Ministry of Defence is looking to extend the life of the weapon system until 2025.Read more
DJI has set itself out ahead of the pack again with the new Phantom 4. It's faster, smarter and safer than the Phantom 3 Professional, 3DR Solo or Yuneec Q500, and features some nifty practical touches to make it an all-round better tool in the field. Read more
Zyl Vardo recently put the finishing touches to its latest tiny house, the Moon Dragon. Featuring impressive workmanship and a whimsical design that looks like it belongs in a fairytale, the off-grid tiny house boasts a roomy layout and plenty of storage space inside. Read more
Point Motion is a new motion sensing system that lets you create music through the movement of your body. Initially available as a package containing both the software and a wireless camera, it will also work with existing webcams. Read more
​There's a certain satisfaction in gliding a wheeled suitcase over a smooth airport floor, but, faced with a flight of stairs, a heavily-packed case become an encumbrance. Not so the new TraxPack, which drops onto its side to slide up staircases with relative ease. Read more
​Last year researchers demonstrated an origami-style battery that could produce electricity using dirty water. The team has now given its bacteria-powered device a nice little boost, tweaking the design to resemble an origami ninja star and upping the power density in the process. ​​Read more
What happens when an autonomous car has an accident? It's hard to apportion blame when self-driving tech is involved, with factors like software updates and satellite dropouts to consider. Adrian Flux has opened up the debate with its autonomous car policy, designed for cars like the Tesla Model S​. Read more
While we keep an eye on the journey of Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered plane that's currently in the middle of its around-the-world flight, it looks like it has a buddy in the water. Solar Voyager, an autonomous, solar-powered kayak, is currently making its way across the Atlantic Ocean. Read more
Researchers have discovered a species of tropical fish​ can distinguish one human face from another, which is something believed to require a more sophisticated brain than many animals, including fish, are thought to possess. Read more
It takes a special type of bravery to succeed at the Isle of Man TT. This year, the course played host to two new records, with Subaru smashing its own record for cars and Michael Dunlop becoming the first man to cover the course in under 17 minutes Read more
Scientists have created a new algorithm that may allow astronomers to generate the first full image of a black hole. Using data collected from a connected array of radio telescopes around the world, the algorithm effectively turns the Earth into a gigantic radio telescope.​ Read more
In this fifth consecutive year of the Toyota Camatte, Toyota strays from toy motor vehicles like the LED-decorated 2014 Camatte and the customizable 2013 Camatte57s, stepping back behind the car with a versatile trailer it calls the Camatte Capsule. Read more
After 58 years of unparalleled success in global markets, Honda takes the Cub to the next level. Built by the company’s Indonesian branch, the new Supra GTR 150 hides a proper motorcycle under its plastic covers, and was unveiled along with an intriguing Adventure concept.Read more
Suunto has announced a new premium sports watch which it hopes will be able to take on offerings from Fitbit and Garmin. The Spartan Ultra features GPS along with all-day activity monitoring, and is built to last in any conditions. Read more
A team of astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham has successfully used Kepler data to capture the sounds emitted by ancient stars. The study focused on eight red giant stars, the smallest of which is many times the mass of our Sun, and almost three times its current age. Read more
Few people would look at toothpaste tubes as being in need of improvement, until, perhaps, they realize how long they take to decompose and how many get thrown away. Poppits toothpaste, however, doesn't come in a tube, but in waste-free pods that dissolve in the mouth. Read more
​The mark of a fine scientific instrument isn't usually how well it can fall, but for the LISA Pathfinder spacecraft, that metric could help decode the very fabric of the universe. Fortunately after just two months of testing, the tech aboard LISA has done exceptionally well in free falling.Read more
Ex-military man and accomplished luthier Dean Fraser from Chorley in Lancashire, UK, has spent the last couple of years up to his ears in sticks and glue to create the stunning 1954 Fender Stratocaster tribute guitar. Read more
Even though the gut contains five times more neurons than the spinal cord, its nervous system has not been extensively observed. To fix that, a Duke University researcher did the logical thing – inserted a window in a mouse's abdomen so he could watch. Read more
​We've already seen handlebar stems that let you swivel your bicycle's handlebars sideways, so they don't stick out when your bike is parked somewhere cramped. The Stokbikes system has that too, although it also incorporates magnetic folding pedals that'll help keep your bike from falling over.​ Read more
For a while there, to get a high-end VR headset, you had to place an online pre-order and then wait months for it to show up at your front door. For the best VR headset, the HTC Vive​, that wait is no more. HTC is now shipping new orders within 72 hours and it's also expanding its retail presence. Read more
McLaren has unveiled the MSO Carbon Series LT, a version of the 675 LT Spider that has been given the carbon fiber treatment. Around 40 percent more carbon fiber has been added to the model, which has a gloss finish that McLaren says gives it "a brutal beauty."Read more
The team behind Shellfire box believes all people should have the right to free and safe Internet. Your average VPN can be complex for less tech-savvy individuals and may not even connect to devices like game consoles and smart TVs. But with Shellfire, you can connect all your devices simultaneously so that you never leave your data exposed. Plus the plug and play technology allows you to quickly connect without any complex configuring.Read more