Τρίτη, 22 Μαρτίου 2016

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Up to a second faster per corner? Motorcycle Innovation's futuristic front end
Up to a second per corner faster than a pair of conventional forks? Loz flew to Sydney to test some extraordinary claims about an innovative suspension system that seems to offer the best of all worlds.  read more
Caffeine in the 21st century: A review of four delivery methods
Thanks to some enterprising chemists and go-getters, there are now lots of ways to get a caffeine boost not involving a mug. We test out four.  read more

Waste tomatoes tapped as source of electricity
Researchers are experimenting with producing electricity from tomato waste. With a microbial electrochemical process, the organic material releases electrons into a fuel cell to become electricity.  read more
Wireless earphones put a microphone in your ear
Last year, we were sent a pair of truly wireless earphones to review, and were impressed by both performance and build quality. Taking calls while using them was a bit of a hassle, though. The RippleBuds project supports hands-free calling with the inclusion of an in-ear microphone.  read more
Review: ProDrone quadcopter is one big Byrd
ProDrone's Byrd quadcopter was introduced to the market late last year with a long list of features and several impressive performance claims, not the least of which is a 25-minute flight time. We recently got our hands on a Byrd Standard. After multiple flights, this is what we've learned ...  read more
Living on the edge: Casa Brutale combines brutalism with Bond villain-chic
Imagine, for a moment, you're a super-villain searching for a new secret lair. You could do worse than Casa Brutale: a remarkable project that combines brutalist muscle with James Bond villain-chic. It's about to begin construction in Lebanon.   read more
Can Boom bring back supersonic flight without the astronomical price tag?
Denver-based Boom Technology says that it is developing a supersonic passenger jet that can cruise at Mach 2.2 (1,675 mph, 2,700 km/h), with prices starting at US$5,000 for a return ticket between London and New York.  read more
Review: Reprieve Bicycle Saddle's claims actually hold some air
​Although a lot of people may describe conventional bike seats as being "a pain in the butt," the fact is that they're more often a pain in the crotch. That's why 3 West Design first developed its air bladder-equipped Reprieve Bicycle Saddle. We recently got the chance to try one out.​  read more
Can an up-close study of bird flight clear shapeshifting aircraft wings for takeoff?
With a view to bringing shapeshifting wings for aircraft closer to reality, scientists are launching into the most detailed analysis of bird flight ever conducted.  read more
Directional speaker delivers personal sound, sans-headphones
As the world goes crazy about portable audio, Akoustic Arts engineers have taken a different approach to delivering sound. The directional "A" speaker transmits sound using ultrasonic waves, allowing you to enjoy headphone-free audio without disturbing your neighbors.  read more
Shelby drops GT-H Mustang for renters in a hurry
Ford first teamed with Hertz back in 1966 with the Rent-a-Racer Ford Shelby GT350-H​. The relationship continued with the Shelby GT-H in 2006.​ Now, to celebrate 50 years since the first Hertz Mustang, Ford has launched the third instalment in the series, the limited edition Shelby GT-H.​  read more
Protective bubble ferries prostate cancer drugs to their target
​Research has uncovered a number of promising drug targets to halt the progression of prostate cancer. By taking aim at one protein in particular, scientists have been able slow the growth of prostate cancer in mice and also activate a kill switch in the tumor cells.  read more
Smart collar helps search high and low for Fido
The Kyon GPS pet collar from an Athens, Greece,-based team not only tracks down your pet in terms of latitude and longitude, but also altitude to reveal which floor of a building it is located.   read more
Velove adds weather protection and extra seat to its Armadillo electric cargo bike
In 2015, we got to know Swedish electric cargo bike outfit Velove and its Armadillo quadricycle. A year later, Velove is adding a fabric body to the Armadillo, creating an all-weather, electric-assist cycle capable of muling passengers, packages, and other large cargo around city and country.  read more
CycleBoard carves turf with smooth lean-to-steer system
The latest electric scooter to hit the streets adds a bit of fun by offering multiple riding styles. The CycleBoard electric scooter is designed with an intuitive steering system that uses foot placement and body balance. read more
Scientists stumble on nerve cell that tells mice when to stop eating
A breakthrough in our understanding of how the brain tells the us that we're full could lead to all new tools for tackling obesity, with researchers identifying a new nerve type responsible for controlling appetite in mice. read more
Hands-on: The Olympus PEN-F is about more than its retro good looks
We thought the Olympus PEN-F looked good in the promo shots, but it turns out it looks even better in person. We recently got the chance to spend a bit of time with the new camera at the Photography Show 2016, to see whether its performance can match up to its looks.  read more
Silencing breast and lung cancer's ability to spread
When metastasis occurs, it significantly lowers the patient's likelihood of survival, but a new discovery could help doctors tackle the process, with researchers form Imperial College London identifying a molecule that shows promise in switching off the process altogether. read more
Apple's iPad Pro 9.7: An iPad Air 3 that costs $100 extra
When can you get away with jacking up the new iPad Air 3's price by US$100 over its predecessor? When you call it a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, that's when! Apple today took the wraps off its new tablet, putting the 12.9-inch iPad Pro's features in a smaller package.  read more
The iPhone SE is fast and affordable, with a 4-inch screen (but no 3D Touch)
Apple hasn't forgotten the 4-inch smartphone. At a media event in Cupertino, Apple's Greg Joswiak just unveiled the brand new iPhone SE, replacing the iPhone 5s in Apple's line-up and providing a smaller, cheaper alternative to the two top-end iPhones already on sale.  read more
Cluster of timber towers could take root in Bordeaux
Sou Fujimoto Architects and Laisné Roussel have proposed a tall wooden development for Bordeaux, France. Dubbed Canopia, the project comprises a cluster of four mixed-use tall timber buildings linked by rooftop walkways.  read more
United Airlines commences regular bio-fueled flights
Without much in the way of fanfare, United Airlines began flying regularly scheduled flights using biofuels earlier this month. It's the first instance of a US airline putting commercial-scale volumes of biofuel into passenger-carrying planes on an ongoing basis.   read more
Smiling student uses 3D printer to make plastic braces on the cheap
Faced with crooked teeth and access to a 3D printer, digital design student Amos Dudley has taken matters into his own hands, straightening out his smile with a set of self-styled plastic aligners. ​  read more
Ford's Glare-Free Highbeam does the dipping for you
Ford's new Glare-Free Highbeam system is aimed at tackling the problem of forgetting to dip your high beams by tracking other road users and adapting the shape of the beam to spare them a case of flash blindness.  read more
Batman gauntlet springs blades, shoots discs
Batman v Superman is due to hit theaters soon, and is so often the case with upcoming superhero movies, it's inspired German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe to make something – a weaponized Batman gauntlet.​ read more
Traditional Indian spice added to 3D-printed ensemble
Wood has pretty much been the material of choice for making acoustic instruments for many years, but the rise of 3D printing in recent times has brought us a number of instruments fashioned from plastic. 3DLI has created what's believed to be the world's first fully working 3D-printed sitar.  read more
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You should learn Python. Why? It's not only easy to learn, and highly legible to the human eye, but it's used absolutely everywhere. Dive in and start mastering this in-demand language, and watch your career reap the benefits.  read m